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Can You Handle The Brand New Bugatti Chiron Sport?

There’s a new Bugatti in town, and we’re not sure how to handle it. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Bugatti Chiron Sport is basically an optional sport package that could make the Chiron even more incredible than it normally is. It’s lighter and more dynamic and it offers ‘significantly improved handling and even greater agility’ according to the French supercar maker.

Specially developed for those who want even more from their Chiron, the Sport package will make this beast five seconds quicker than the standard Chiron on the famed Nardò ring. A new wheel design and a four-pipe exhaust deflector, as well as the carbon fiber windscreen wipers will help you spot the difference between the two.


The Bugatti Chiron Sport is actually 18kg lighter than the standard model, thanks to the new ultra light wheels, plus a carbon fiber stabilizer, intercooler cover and the aforementioned windscreen wipers. Please note the lighter rear window glass as well.

Another major update involves a stiffer suspension setup, which is 10 percent stiffer than the standard Chiron when you go into Handling mode. The rear differential has been also worked upon and the updated Dynamic Torque Vectoring system contributes to an overwhelming driving experience.

The model showcased at the Geneva Motor Show featured a stunning duo-tone color scheme, with a fantastic mix of grey carbon in the back and Italian red paintwork at the front. Other colors available with the Sport package are “French Racing Blue”, a dark “Gun Power” grey and the silver “Gris Rafale”.

Inside the cockpit it’s all black and we love it! Alcantara, smooth leather and exposed carbon fiber can be spotted everywhere – with the controls showing off a black anodized finish. Customers will be able to choose their own color and trim options, the least Bugatti could do for €2.65 million ($3.26 million).


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