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Are You Ready For The Samsung 2018 QLED Television?

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Samsung 2018 QLED

When it comes to TV perfection, Samsung is a brand that’s way ahead of the curve, and closer than any other company to that unparalleled viewing experience we’ve all been dreaming about. They’ve recently taken the wraps off their 2018 line-up of TVs, and the flagship models come with QLED (Quantum dot light-emitting diode) display techology, promising to deliver a picture like no other and topnotch sound quality.

But the Samsung 2018 QLED Television is absolutely incredible from other perspective as well. You see, this sleekly designed TV might boast over a billion colors and a mesmerizing contrast, but what’s really special about it is that it comes with a cool Ambient Mode that mimics the pattern in the background, allowing the TV to blend in with your home in the most stunning way possible.

Samsung 2018 QLED

With Samsung’s best picture quality to date, the 2018 QLED Television is almost too good to be true. Packing intuitive smart features and the ground-breaking Quantum dot technology, this TV set is light years away from the 1990s huge creations that delivered – according to today’s standards – not much more than average quality.

Samsung’s new QLED Television promises perfect picture quality day and night, thanks to deeper and darker blacks that are capable of highlighting every single detail.  The new Ambient Mode will also allow this TV to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living room with a whole host of different content, like useful information and even a digital-photo display. Now that’s an entertainment package!

If you’re looking for a new television this year, they won’t come much better than this. The 65-inch QLED TV will sell for $3,799, while the top-of-the-line 88-inch Q9F will be priced at a cool $20,000.

Samsung 2018 QLED

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