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Wiebke Meurer’s Fascinating Tableware is Beyond Stunning

By Victor Baker


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Wiebke Meurer tableware

Wiebke Meurer has a completely different and somewhat overwhelming opinion about elegance and class. The renowned German artist and jewellery designer has imagined something that could be easily described as ‘filigree madness’, a unique project which takes European inspiration and design cues to a completely new level.

The German artist has imagined an extraordinary tableware collection, with bowls, saucers, tea cups, and silverware made from ornate filigree, in the most eye catching way possible. Rest assured, you probably won’t be thinking about any delicious dishes right now, because we’re sure no one would ever use want to use this exquisite tableware for that.

Wiebke Meurer tableware

Meurer has used her brilliant skills and vivid imagination to cut artistically into the gold and silver objects, resulting in stunning and elaborate designs. Stripped of all utility, these mesmerizing utensils were converted into delicate works of art.

The German artist usually works with porcelain, precious metals, and other natural resources, but none can deny the hypnotic result of this project. Taking a close look at these exclusive pieces is free of charge, although the prices for these ornate beauties – still unknown – will probably get your bank account drained. Still feeling hungry?

Wiebke Meurer tableware


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