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When in Sweden, Haymarket by Scandic is a Must See

Haymarket by Scandic

If you loved the Roaring Twenties and you’ve always wanted to experience that golden period first hand, Haymarket by Scandic is an Art Deco wonderland from Sweden just waiting to be discovered. Proudly sitting in the heart of Stockholm, this high-end hotel instantly makes you think about smooth jazz, golden surfaces, peacock feathers and a period long gone.

The Haymarket hotel is housed within the historic 1916 PUB department building, fusing its classic architecture with modern elegance in the best way possible. There are 405 rooms and 16 suites on offer, each of them with a chic and enjoyable 1920s ambiance, with velvet couches, rose gold faucets, marble countertops, patterned wallpaper and exquisite textiles that make each room feel unique.

Haymarket by Scandic

If you’d like to explore Sweden’s capital to the fullest, the hotel’s amazing concierge service is always there to help you, taking care of dinner reservations and recommending you the best sights in town and many other local gems. Staying in is always an option as well, and the gorgeous Haymarket by Scandic hotel hosts numerous events and parties in its wide open layout.

There are also three decadent restaurants and a lovely bar on-site, perfectly fitted to tease your senses with all kinds of delicacies. You can stop by Paul’s brasserie to sample cuisine from both sides of the Atlantic, or take a load off at the American and experience the good old days. Have you planned your trip to Stockholm yet?

Haymarket by Scandic


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