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Jaguar V20E Just Became the World’s Fastest Electric Motorboat

By Victor Baker


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Jaguar V20E

If you told me a few years ago that Jaguar was betting big on electric propulsion, I would have thought you were going crazy. However, the British car manufacturer has looked straight towards the future and unleashed its electric powertrain technology on water. Yes, on water, not on a track or public roads.

The Jaguar V20E is an all-electric competition watercraft that already managed to set a new world record. Motorsport team Vector Racing and its technical partner Williams Advanced Engineering have managed to create an incredible Jaguar motorboat. The V20E averaged a top speed of 88.61 miles per hour, making the Jaguar Vector V20E the fastest electric boat in the world.

Jaguar V20E

Following a long year of research and development, these days it was finally the right time to put this vessel to the test. A fantastic result for the team, no doubt, but the huge potential behind the project offers us all a glimpse of the future – the future of racing, on water, of course.

As expected, the brilliant team from Vector Racing intends to break more world and national speed records, which means this vessel might be on the news quite often in the near future. What’s next for Jaguar? That’s what I’m thinking as well, but the fun part is that no one knows.

Jaguar V20E

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