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Vismara Design Plans to Redefine Luxury Home Entertainment

By Victor Baker


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Vismara Design

The brilliant Italian experts from Vismara Design have imagined a new concept of luxury home entertainment, with a mesmerizing VIP home theater and a high-end game room, that were on display for the very first time at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. Mixing cutting edge ideas with traditional Italian style, these luxury eccentric products are probably a dream come true for many millionaires out there.

The game room is beautifully fitted with probably everything you might need to impress your wealthy friends or family, drawing inspiration from the American casinos and looking like a private luxury entertainment hub. On the other hand, the gorgeous home theater completes this incredible environment, showcasing a chaise lounge, comfortable small beds and the famous reclining armchairs, equipped with refrigerating cup holders and exclusive motorized bar armrests.

What else could you ask for – besides a good movie and a stroke of luck?

Vismara Design

Just as you are about to chill out in the game room, savor a cold one and enjoy a friendly game, you will stumble upon so many interesting options that it’s going to be pretty hard to pick just one. Apart from popular tables such as billiards, poker or roulette, that you could also try out at Schmitts Online Casino, Vismara Design has introduced a brand new ping pong table, featuring a unique design, with a hard-edged look and the possibility to turn it into an elegant meeting table.

Vismara Design

But the Blackjack table is the new collection’s crown jewel. It benefits from a modern design and prestigious finishes, while featuring a professional cloth, that reinvents the traditional layout with accessories, such as sabot and the chips box. There’s also a special Mahjong table, equipped with a complex mechanism, hidden inside the table, that automatically sorts the Mahjong tiles, but let’s face it, you probably won’t play Mahjong too much.

Vismara Design

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