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Would you Pay $5 Million for the Ultra Rare Ferrari Sergio?

Ferrari Sergio

I’ve been drooling over Ferraris for many, many years and, aside from the fact that I prefer those iconic supercar designs of the 1980s like the F40 or the 288 GTO, owning one of these Italian beauties is probably one of those dreams that will most likely never come true.

The same goes for most of you with the ultra rare Ferrari Sergio, even though the one in front (no.1 out of 6) has been recently listed for sale, at a staggering €4.300.000, or a little over $5 million, but we’re sure there are many interested buyers already.

Originally unveiled as an incredible concept back in 2013, honoring the late Sergio Pininfarina and also the special partnership between Ferrari and the renowned Italian car design firm, this exclusive automotive marvel is one of those super rare treats that probably every car collector would love to own.

Ferrari Sergio

After the concept was extremely well received, Pininfarina went for a production version, based on the 458 Speciale and part of a very limited series. Only six units made it on the roads and each of them has been offered only by invitation to a very select group of customers. The one you see here has been built to European specifications, with a stunning black and yellow exterior, and showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

It has only 73 miles on the clock, so you could easily say this Ferrari Sergio is brand new, and it certainly looks as awesome as this year’s releases from Ferrari, right? What I really love about this Ferrari is that it reminds us about those iconic supercars of a few decades ago, while hiding 21st century power and technology. What else could you spend $5 million for?

Ferrari Sergio



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