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Visconti’s Casa Batlló Pen is the Perfect Tribute to Antoni Gaudí

Casa Batlló Pen

Antoni Gaudí was a master of his craft, a brilliant Catalan architect renowned for his modernism, who’s responsible for some of the world’s most spectacular buildings, including the superb Casa Batlló in the heart of Barcelona. One of the most influential architects of all time, Gaudí deserves to be honored as often as possible, and that’s what the Italian pen maker Visconti tried to do with its latest creation.

The brand has just unveiled the Casa Batlló fountain and rollerball pen, specially designed to show off bold colors and wavy lines that remind us of the famous building’s external walls. Silver, acrylic, and enamel on the cap and barrel, have been beautifully molded and curved in three layers for this pen, with an iridescent coating and glossy enameling used to replicate the rooftop’s dragon-scale tiling.

Casa Batlló Pen

Visconti’s patented double reservoir power filler ensures a steady stream of ink, while the 23-carat palladium nib gives unparalleled accuracy to the writer. Gaudí’s impeccable craftsmanship, an architectural phenomenon that charms everyone who gets to admire one of his works live, still manages to inspire people around the world to dream and turn their dreams into reality.

In the meantime, the wonderful Casa Batlló pen is available in gold or silver and will set you back exactly $5,750 – a small price to pay for such an incredible piece, don’t you agree?


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