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Vilner Refines The Ford Mustang with… Mustang Leather!

By Victor Baker


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Vilner Ford Mustang

The brilliant tuning specialists from Vilner Beijing went ahead and created what some of us probably desired without even asking for it. This Chinese company and its European counterpart are associated with numerous one-of-a-kind interiors, designed for some of the world’s most amazing supercars, yet they somehow always manage to impress us with unexpected projects and ideas.

According to company officials, they have received more than one request from Chinese customers who daydream about owning an outrageous sixth-gen Ford Mustang GT, but were you even considering Mustang horse leather and hair? Let’s move beyond the strange order and focus on the subject at hand – check out this crazy Mustang interior cabin.

Vilner Ford Mustang

Vilner applied genuine black Mustang leather to the front and rear seats and even added horse hair to the sides of the front seats. We’re pretty sure PETA-supporters won’t like this, at all! But beyond this cowboy attitude, Vilner’s Ford Mustang also brags about Alcantara wrapping the dashboard, steering wheel as well as the roof liner.

There are also two hand-painted cobras which seem to hint towards the owner’s identity – we’re guessing Jackie Chan but he’s more into dragons. As per usual, this is a visual concept with no technical alterations, but that’s more than enough to shock and awe every single one of us. Did you ever think this could be ever done?

Vilner Ford Mustang

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