Victoria’s Most Unique Waterfront Estate for Sale

A waterfront residence combines the safety of living on solid land with the pleasure of living close to water, with marvelous views and water sports. This particular estate, Victoria’s most unique waterfront setting, shares 1,350 feet of shores and is located just a short ride away from Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada.

The residence is developed in south-south-west orientation, set in a gorgeous rural landscape. It is crafted in a very beautiful way, based on siding and lightness. Overall, it represents an interesting combination of glass, wood, concrete and steel that offer uninterrupted views over the landscapes.

The total area of the land is around 2.56 acres, making it comparable with small wildlife parks. The rooms are large, spacious and bright, the living room alone measuring 1,177 square feet. The grand foyer is huge, 50 feet long and 28 feet wide, with skylights that measure 30 feet.

The whole master wing features 1,082 square feet, comprising an exercise room, an office plus two additional bedrooms suites that stretch over 400 square feet each. Some other locations to take into consideration are the kitchen, the fully-self-contained 2 bedroom, plus a bath carriage over a garage, fitted with space for 3 cars as well as a large parking ground.

The home was built in 1998, features a total of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and comes at a price of $9,750,000.