Gresso Grand Monaco Pure Black Phones Collection

In terms of mobile telecommunication, the color black means mainly two things: exquisiteness and nobleness. It’s the sole tone of The Pure Black phone, part of the Grand Monaco collection. The sophistication of this phone is based on supercar technology, this being its basic source of inspiration.

Produced by Gresso, the Grand Monaco Pure Black phone is available in two editions: The Pure Black Carbon, decorated with Italian carbon leather, and The Pure Black Cayman, boasting genuine crocodile leather. For both the versions, the case is made of titanium alloy, which is a sturdy and light material.

After molding, the cases are covered with a few state-of-the-art ceramic layers, making the surface of the phone velvet and mate. They also feature a premiere in the Grand Monaco collection, being the first phones with a numeral keyboard set on the plate of black-toned glass. There is also a protection feature added to the technology of the phone – the manufacturers used a diamond tool to hand-polish the 42-carat sapphire glass that covers the screen.

Another interesting feature of this gadget is the keyboard, which has been crafted from surgical steel. Every key is made to be as accurate as possible, with superb design. The keyboard is also covered with PVD-coated titanium, allowing for a black shine and great resistance.

Furthermore, if these aren’t enough, the company relies on hand-work, every phone being built by single craftsmen. This provides uniqueness and a great deal of personality.

The current Pure Black Phone is a new definition of the brand, a new representation of Gresso, meant especially for those that appreciate luxury and exquisiteness. The series is limited 100 units, with an estimated price of $2,700 for each of them.