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Feel like an F1 Driver with the Vesaro Racing Simulators

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you the type of guy that spends days in front of the TV to watch Formula 1 or spending most of your time at the PC playing all sorts of racing games? If you’ve ever dreamed about following the footsteps of Schumacher or Hamilton, this might be the best toy for you. The Vesaro Racing Simulator systems are here to pull out the best of you, in terms of racing.

Designed in an extremely sporty way, with features similar to the real single-seaters, this in-home machine brings you one step closer to what racing means and to the feelings and adrenaline that real F1 racing bring. The simulators look stunningly nice, all of the pieces in the series sharing a few common characteristics, like fabrication principles, coloring scheme and stainless steel basis toned in black.

The system features a solid chassis and a mechanism based on just a few hinges and articulations, this meaning resistance and sturdiness. The base model in the series is the V-Core Black, including a Cobra Monaco Pro FIA sport bucket seat, distance travel seat, adjustable height, the Thrustmaster T500RS, Fanatec and tech-support for parts like G25 and G27.

Based on a modular design, a triple display or a motion system can be added. With a 10-year warranty for the Vesaro parts, it costs $1,568 (£999). The expensive sibling of this family is the Motion X, available at a price of $26,020 (£16,578). The main feature of the system is the D-Box motion physics triple axis 4 actuator systems, supporting PCs only.

This simulator also comprises a Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 surround sound system, a gear stick mount and three Samsung 40-inch LED 3D displays with chrome stands. If the price for this piece is a bit far away from your possibilities, but you’re still looking for a better system than the V-Core Black, you can choose the Motion R Black, valuing $18,012 (£11,478).

Considering that there are a load of racing simulators on the entertainment market nowadays, these sets stand out from the crowd through exquisiteness, similarity to real racing and great designs.


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