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Vertu Constellation Candy Collection Unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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Luxury phonemaker Vertu is back in our attention with a new series of wonderful phones, called the Vertu Constellation Candy, designed for today’s rich and chic ladies. Vertu was the one of the main partners of the inaugural Vogue Festiva that took place on the 20th and 21st of April 2012 at the Royal Geographic Society and this is where there latest creation was actually unveiled.

Aiming towards the high class feminine society, the series incorporates a great feminine look, enhanced by bold summer tones like tangerine, mint green and raspberry. The phones are also crafted to assort with the chic, en-vogue woman of modern days, combined with facile accessibility and rather interesting designs.

A gorgeous mixture between high-end technology and thorough craftsmanship, along with state of the art servicing, the Constellation Candy features 0.34 carats of natural gem stones, intricately placed around the pillow on the front of the phone. Each of the three versions has been decked with matching color jewels, the Tangerine Candy with orange sapphires, the Mint Green Candy with Tsavorites and the Raspberry Candy with rubies.

In addition, top notch alligator skin has been used to encase the back of each phone. The complementary handset slip case has been also decorated with intricate alligator skin textures, to match the gadget and to show off with its style and beauty.

The exquisiteness of the phones is enhanced by the careful manufacture of a single Vertu craftsman, with incredible attention to detail. The screen features 3.5-inch HD multi-touch technology, on sapphire crystal, while other exquisite additions are the polished ceramic pillow, 8-MP camera with ruby surround on the shutter key, hi-fi Vertu Sound System and a stainless steel with satin and polished finish.

Each of these luxury phones comes at a mind-boggling price of $9,500 per unit. The package is accompanied by access to global fashion weeks, VIP personalized styling in London, at Stella McCartney’s as well as the signature Vertu Concierge and style-linked services.


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