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World’s first wristwatch in words: Qlocktwo W by Biegert & Funk

By Adrian Prisca


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A German studio called Biegert & Funk has created a wristwatch that will truly serve as inspiration – the Qlocktwo W. The defining part of this exquisite timepiece is that it doesn’t have hands to point the time, it simply writes it with words. The dial is actually a grid, printed with 110 letters that light upon the pressing of a side button.

If no button is pressed, the dial would simply remain dark. It displays the time using 5 minute intervals, while the group of 4 dots on the bottom displays the exact minutes. If you haven’t understood the principle yet, if the watch shows a quarter to 9 and three dots, it means 8:48. Other buttons reveal the calendar day and seconds.

Technically, it’s a square-faced 35 millimeter wristwatch crafted from brushed stainless steel, available in black or natural tones. It sports state of the art LED technology, along with natural rubber strapping or black genuine leather.

With availability starting during the autumn of 2012, Biegert & Funk will be offering the watches in German or English versions, for prices of around €550 or $720 per unit.


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