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Versace’s new Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire Bag

By Victor Baker


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Versace Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire

The mesmerizing work of art before you is Versace’s newest creation, a stylish handbag that’s ready to turn a lot of heads on the streets, called Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire. This bespoke fashion accessory apparently requires over 150 steps to become reality, with the baroque embroidery acting as an elegant blend of pure Italian styling and the heritage of the renowned fashion house.

Hand-crafted with incredible attention to detail and fine craftsmanship during the course of several days, each of these Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire bags are made in Italy using the highest quality materials. The bags come with a tonal Medusa clasp, a chic top handle, and two removable shoulder straps, in cloth or leather, that will help you wear it in different ways.

Versace Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire

This Baroque-style design is a Versace signature, taking over the world in the late 1980s, when the Milan-based fashion designer Gianni Versace transformed it into wild pop art. Gold chains, Medusa heads, leopard skins and many other different details printed on shiny silk were all part of the trend, and some of you might remember those times and daydream about going back to those years.

This motif has been taken by Donatella Versace to the very next level, as she used it on elegant dresses, expensive shoes, bomber jackets, bags, and even on towels and pillows. Nonetheless, it looks totally alluring on Versace’s new Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire Bag.

Versace Baroque Embroidered Palazzo Empire

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