Unique Bel Air Estate up for sale at $19,950,000

The gorgeous mansion we can find on 10807 Bellagio Road, in Bel Air, Los Angeles,  and it was designed by Hugh Newell Jacobsen and commissioned by the previous owners of “Architectural Digest”.

Beautifully placed by the end of a small roadway, on an extremely most imposing spot, bordering the Bel Air Country Club, it features massive usages of glass, for the doors and walls, establishing an excellent connection between the natural environment and the interior elements.

The main idea behind its construction was to fit the needs of an intellectual, professional couple, bathing them in entertainment, privacy, and above all, comfort. The architects have had to think of distributing massive areas just to host the couple’s extensive art collection.

After 5 years of planning and thorough construction, the building was complete, perfectly assorting with couple’s needs in the end. It has been done some improvements, mainly concerning technology, as it evolves from day to day. It boasts with a gym, pool, staff apartment, library, state of the art media room, master and common rooms with separate bathrooms and, above all, tranquility.

Covering a total area of 13,089 square feet, it comes at a price of $19,950,000.