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Travel in Style with Louis Vuitton’s VNN Travel Perfume Cases

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Louis Vuitton VNN Travel Perfume Cases

The spirit of travel has inspired people for generations to reach out and ignore their boundaries and limitations; adventure and the will to explore the unknown are essential traits that have led to a rapid human evolution.

The brilliant designers from Louis Vuitton know that very well, which is why your beloved LV fragrances for women can now keep you company on the road as well, in comfort and style, with the new VVN range of natural calfskin cases. The carriers are perfectly tailored vessels for these precious objects, built on Louis Vuitton’s training as a box-maker and inspired by the 1920s.

Louis Vuitton VNN Travel Perfume Cases

The VNN travel cases are ideal for keeping your favorite scent from Les Parfums safe, with Lous Vuitton offering them for 7.5 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml sizes. On the other hand, the VVN Flaconnier will easily offer travel storage for up to three bottles, whether you’re traveling by air, land or sea. Last, but not least important, each of these exquisite cases can be heat-stamped with your initials for a personalized touch.

This is probably what Indiana Jones would have had in his travel pack if he had any sense of fashion or hoped that a seductive aroma could somehow save him from bad guys, snakes or strange beings from another planet.

Louis Vuitton VNN Travel Perfume Cases

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