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This Stunning Phuket Villa Could be Your Dream Vacation Home

By Victor Baker


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Phuket Villa

Somewhere in the verdant jungles of Thailand stands this mesmerizing waterfront villa, on the charming island of Phuket. We don’t have any clue about what the architects were thinking when they came up with this brilliant idea, but I’m sure we can all agree this incredible home looks overwhelming.

Defined by sharp angles and geometric magic, the luxurious Phuket Villa before you sits right on the edge of Crystal Lake and offers 8,500-square-feet of living space that cover four bedrooms, six spa-style baths, a gorgeous open kitchen, a wine cellar, an indoors gym, and a mesmerizing saltwater infinity pool.

Phuket Villa

One way or another, the serene lake and the nearby Loch Palm Golf Course that can be viewed right from the pool will surely get you in the right mood to relax and recharge your batteries here. Apparently 150 tons of steel were required to form the four trusses which support this home, an incredible feat in itself, considering this home’s location – imagine how much it took to get all that steel on an island.

Listed for just $1.66 million, this stunning architectural masterpiece is a real bargain if you ask us. It also shows off luxuriant terraces and patios, plus teak paneling and Shiva black granite, and it’s as close as possible to everyone’s dream vacation home, if you ask us. But let’s just leave the talking to the gallery below!

Phuket Villa

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