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This Russian Rocket Was Designed To Make You Smile

By Victor Baker


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Rocket Yacht

Simply called the Rocket, this incredible high-speed foiling craft has been envisioned by the Moscow-based Skripnik Design studio. The concept of using special protrusions in water, in order to achieve faster speeds and a more comfortable ride, has been around for a very long time, but it wasn’t introduced to motor yachts yet, on a bigger scale.

That’s why the 37-meter luxury superyacht concept before you is a wonderful surprise. Promising high speeds, comfort and nothing but the best in terms of equipment and finishings, this concept could easily take your breath away. But how fast can this baby go? I’m sure you’re all thinking about this right now.

Rocket Yacht

The Rocket will reach between 50 and 60 knots at full speed, with the lift associated with these ridiculous speeds significantly reducing the vessel’s drag, and offering passengers a smoother ride and the thrills of a lifetime. Several hydraulic solutions were specially designed to make sure this vessel could easily transform from race mode to a comfortable cruising mode.

All this practicality and brilliant design meet under one stunning flybridge, covered with a glass panel that can be raised or lowered to create a flush surface at high speeds. Furthermore, the swim platform disappears and reappears when passengers feel like putting the bathing area to good use. None shall regret a trip aboard this vessel, although we’re not sure how much that would eventually cost.

Rocket Yacht

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