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This is probably the ultimate Beer Pong Table

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of beer pong until now and maybe some of us even tried to play this popular drinking game at least once. It’s a fun and action-packed game and it mainly requires a beer pong table and beer. We won’t be talking about the second part here, but we’re going to show you a custom beer pong table made of wood which is probably the ultimate beer pong table right now.

This custom beer pong table has been crafted in poplar wood and finished with seamless construction. But that’s not all, because this table was refined with red plexiglass triangles lit from underneath by LED lights that will make the game even more interesting than it normally is.

The rear panels of this custom beer pong table detach for maintenance and, from our sources, apparently only 20 units of this stylish beer pong table will be built, each of them being priced at $749.



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