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This Is Auto Fabrica’s Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer

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Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer

Yamaha wants to show everyone the custom building potential of its incredible XSR900 cafe racer, teaming up with a series of custom bike shops from all over the world to release special customs that take this beauty in completely different directions. The team from the UK custom house Auto Fabrica put together this retro-futuristic cafe racer, dubbed as the Type 11, that will surely stand out wherever it goes.

Inspired by classic automotive shapes of the 1950s, the metal components of this bike have been hand-beat to achieve this gorgeous bullet fairing shape. The Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer also comes with a new dash, a Motologic unit flush fitted to the tank, as well as a round headlight that adds to the overall aggressive vibes of this bike.

Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer

The team from Auto Fabrica actually built three prototypes before getting here, and Prototype 2 is the road-going version. Set to be part of a limited series of awesome bikes, this project could reach your garage by the second half of the year. Packing a compact and powerful three-cylinder 900cc engine, it’s safe to assume nothing or no one can stand in front of this motorcycle.

Auto Fabrica’s Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer also comes with carbon RST wheels, and the 3-into-3 exhaust was handmade in-house, while the seat unit is also brand new. We have no clue how much Yamaha and Auto Fabrica’s project would set you back. Feel free to do a little bit a research and find out.

Yamaha Type 11 Cafe Racer

Yamaha Yard Built - XSR900 'Type 11 Project' by Auto Fabrica
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