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This Fascinating Italian Villa Will Make You Want to Move to Tuscany

Italian Villa Florence

Built right on top of a medieval castle’s ruins from which the original tower still remains today, this one-of-a-kind Italian villa is a strong presence in the picturesque Tuscan valleys near Florence.

The 23,680 square foot property before you was built over the span of hundreds of years, finally becoming what it is today in the early 19th century. Since then, the villa has been properly maintained and updated to reflect the last architectural trends while preserving its unique heritage.

Stone floors, Renaissance ceilings, the traditional tiled roof, large fireplaces, arched windows and gilded wooden shutters, Corinthian columns, chandeliers and an impressive wood and marble staircase, plus a monumental ballroom and a traditional Tuscan kitchen are what makes the three-story villa quite a real sight in the surrounding Florence countryside.

Italian Villa Florence

The front side is occupied by a formal Italian garden with porch access to a private chapel. With a total of 13 bedrooms and nine full bathrooms in the main building, plus the two guesthouses with five more bedrooms and bathrooms, the villa meets all the modern requirements for luxurious countryside living.

And if you’re not convinced, know that it has as well a swimming pool, a tennis court and helipad. Situated in a lovely and quiet area just 18 kilometers away from Florence, this picturesque Italian villa is a marvelous choice for a home. The price tag rises to $12.6 million.

Italian Villa Florence


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