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This Brazilian Private Island Could be Your Own Little Paradise

Brazilian Private Island

Angra Dos Reis is a unique island region from Brazil, that’s probably the most beautiful place in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Made up of 365 islands, this blissful region is the place where wealthy people from all over the world come to relax and enjoy the sea life, scenic boat rides, rugged coastline and many beautiful beaches.

But the good news is that you could even own a small part of this paradise, as an idyllic 32-acre private island has been recently listed for sale at a cool $9.85 million. Found on the southern coast of Rio De Janeiro, this private island comes with a charming main house, with open plan living and dining areas, and three smaller bungalows tucked into the coast, with five bedrooms and en-suites, where the future owners and their lucky guests can retreat at night.

Who could refuse living on a private island in Brazil, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest and with views almost too good to be true?


Brazilian Private Island

The property has 10,258 square feet of living space to offer, with a large Jacuzzi, sauna, a lovely cinema room and an outdoor kitchen & barbecue area complementing this picturesque setting. Of course, since we’re talking about a private island, there’s even a boat ramp and dock to mention, and this estate also comes with two small boats, included in the same.

Did we mention the heliport? If you can afford a private island like this one, you probably have a helicopter or two, that’s why the heliport on top of the island has enough room for two. There’s also a gorgeous wine cellar grotto, just below the main house, with walls made of rocks from the island, while the employees will live in three small huts. Privacy has never looked better!

Brazilian Private Island


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