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The Yamaha Runway Scooter Is Beyond Stunning

Yamaha Runway Scooter

Looking like a bat out of hell, the Yamaha Runway Scooter is ready to seduce us all with its amazing design and beautiful lines. The fourth version of Yamaha’s Gen series, this cool scooter has been called Runway, and it was specifically designed with a woman in mind, which explains the soft curves and an exterior structure engineered to display the scooter’s wonderful internal elements.

We’re not sure why, but this scooter also gives us a lot of masculine vibes as well, considering those geometrical shapes, sharp angles and the transparent rear cover. Either way, I think we can all agree the designers from Yamaha has came up with probably their best looking scooter.

Yamaha Runway Scooter

The body structure boasts long, low, and smoothed edges and Yamaha wants us to believe this scooter was actually inspired by a swan.  This becomes obvious once you get a glimpse of the pivoting side panels that open like an insect’s wings and allows users to take a glance at the inner workings of the scooter.

The seat is covered in authentic leather and the body features semi-transparent resin. There’s no word on pricing yet, but this concept is bound to hit the streets real soon; we’re sure a lot of ladies would love to ride this cool thing to work, for a coffee, or at a meeting.

Yamaha Runway Scooter


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