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The Yamaha MT-10 Motorcycle Surpasses All Expectations

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Yamaha MT-10

The jaw dropping Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle has been revealed at EICMA 2015, impressing everyone who attended the show with its amazing design and breathtaking specs.

The new Yamaha motorcycle will provide riders with a new kind of connected experience, featuring a 998cc four-cylinder cross-plane engine which delivers an incredible torque at low revs and an aluminum chassis, with a wheelbase of just 1400 mm, that allows for a low weight curb and agile handling performance.

The aggressive styling seems to complement the technical goodies, the MT-10 also featuring a state-of-the-art suspension system and class-leading engine specifications. The engine comes with a freshly designed intake, exhaust and fueling systems, as well as an optimized crank balance.

Yamaha MT-10

The Yamaha chip controlled throttle offers the rider a choice of three engine running modes, along with a thrilling ride, as the bike’s electronics are able to instantly adjust throttle opening, ignition time and fuel injection volume.

To make sure all that power and riding modes don’t go to waste, or simply harm the rider, the bike comes equipped with a three-mode traction control system – which can be deactivated. The system works by monitoring any traction loss in the rear tire, thus allowing the throttle control chip to automatically restore grip.

The Yamaha MT-10 is surely a law-breaker, but not in that way.

Yamaha MT-10

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