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The Wonderful Torre di Civita Will Set You Back €45 Million

By Victor Baker


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Torre di Civita

The beautiful resort town of Ravello, Italy, is the place where one might find one of the most interesting flavors the entire Italian peninsula has to offer.

Nestled on iconic cliffside of the Amalfi Coast and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Torre di Civita is an astonishing piece of property, boasting 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and an incredible living space of 965 m2 / 10,387 Sq Ft, but size or quantity isn’t everything when we talk about this property.

This is all about exclusivity and how much of it exactly €45,000,000 will buy. This marvelous residence was built on a massive 4-acre piece of land, and includes vineyards, orchards and even vegetable gardens.

Torre di Civita

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Torre di Civita sits on top of a hill and offers owners one of the most incredible views on the planet. The main villa sits right where an ancient monastery used to offer repentance and protection to travelers and strangers, but we’re sure the next owners of this beauty won’t regret investing a hefty part of their fortune here.

Covering 3 floors, this villa comprises a magnificent lounge with a cozy fireplace, a beautiful dining room, a large kitchen, three master suites, terraces on either side and various outdoor dining options. And the best thing is that at the end of the day, you’ll feel safe with a one thousand year old medieval watchtower protecting your own fortress – which has been transformed into a beautiful master suite, by the way.

Torre di Civita


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  1. My mother and stepdad used to stay here when the Contessa owned it. I have 4 silkscreened posters of the place that appear to be limited editions
    Do you think anyone would be I teresed?

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