The Vertu Signature Zirconium

Luxury phone maker Vertu has just unveiled the newest phone from its lineup, the lovely Signature Zirconium, handcrafted in England from the finest materials. The new Signature phone is actually the first smartphone in the world to use Zirconium which makes it almost indestructible since it’s even tougher and lighter than Titanium for example.

The Zirconium also makes it corrosion proof and thanks to a Silicon Nitride ceramic pillow this luxurious phone is one of the most resistant gadgets to shocks. The screen is made of sapphire with a special matt anthracite finish that’s nearly impossible to scratch since the glass is made in more than two weeks in a 2000°C furnace.

Each smartphone will come with an Anthracite calf leather or matt rubberized alligator case featuring a matt anthracite PVD stainless steel logo. The handset will be made by a single craftsman and will bear his signature as well and it’s going to be priced at more than $20,000. $20,100 to be more exact or 13,200.