Tres Paraguas – a stunning home in Carmel, California

This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful homes in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, designed by Ron Mann, Tres Paraguas, as it was named, sits right on the top of Gentry Hill. It’s also facing North, which means the entire Monterey Bay is below and you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views from this location.

On a clear day you can sit on the terrace and view all the way to Santa Cruz and at night you can enjoy a couple of cocktails or have lunch while looking at the lights of Monterey. The name of this unusual property comes from its roofs – it has three giant rectangular roofs of Corrugated Corten Steel mounted of 26 feed high columns which stand free of the five buildings below.

So the home is actually made from five different buildings, all sitting under the three big three roofs. These buildings were designed like modern Pueblas, with their own roofs, walls stuccoed in three different earth tones and big sliding glass walls that open the buildings to the courtyards and terraces as pavilions.

The courtyard is huge, almost half an acre, and features a nice lawn, a raised pool and a Cantina outdoor kitchen and bar. The entire layout of the house is quite a view and feels like a private luxury hotel. The price for this property if $36,000,000 and if you think that’s too much, these photos will probably speak for themselves.