Ulysse Nardin’s Freak Phantom will drop your jaw

Here’s another stunner from the renowned Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, a new entry in the Freak family, that’s going to be produced in a limited run of just 99 units: the new Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom. The Freak timepiece took the world by storm with its special construction, featuring silicium escapement wheels and a tourbillon carrousel with no dial, crown or hands, that instantly made an impression everywhere.

But the Freak Phantom is even better, using even more silicium, in its patented hairspring and throughout most of the escapement.  The watch has cutting edge technology in the two ball bearing systems, which turn on the “flying” feature of the minute movement and of the seconds-indicator tourbillon without the need for a supporting bridge.

The flying tourbillon makes a full rotation around the center in 60 minutes and it can be wound by turning the lower bezel, with the time being adjusted by turning the upper bezel. The direct gear nestled between the three indicators takes care of the hours, minutes of seconds when you want to readjust the time.

The entire movement of the Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom is produced in house and it comes with a power reserve of eight days. The case of this limited edition timepiece is crafted in 18kt rose gold and it features an arrow indicating the seconds on a transparent half circle. We don’t know yet what’s the exact price for this beauty, but we can only assume that it’s not cheap.

[Ulysse Nardin]