The $2M Laraki Motors Epitome Concept

Let me just start off by saying that this is one of the most extreme supercars I’ve seen lately, called the Laraki Motors Epitome Concept, this four wheeled beast has been unveiled just a couple of days ago at Pebble Beach. I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of Laraki Motors but I’m also sure that this article will make you remember their name from now on.

The company is like the pet project of the yachting industry’s Abdesslam Laraki and what they’ve managed to create is truly impressive. The Epitome Concept is built up on the chassis of a C6 Corvette and features a menacing and aggressive body that has been crafted entirely out of carbon fiber and takes the car’s curb weight down to just 2,800 pounds.

What’s even more stunning than the car’s styling is what hides under this body – a massive powertrain with a 7.0L Chevy V8 engine that has received all new internals and a pair of twin turbochargers. With all these upgrades, the engine is able to produce around 1,200 horsepower on pump gas.

But that’s not all. The Epitome concept also features two different gas tanks, one for regular gas and one just for 110 octane. At the touch of a button this supercar will change its ECU map and start burning gas from both tanks, raising its total power output to an unbelievable 1,750 horsepower!

We don’t know any real performance figures yet, but we can all agree that this beast is going to be breathtakingly fast! The asking price for a Laraki Motors Epitome is “just” $2 million.