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The unique Peter Speake-Marin Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project

By Victor Baker


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Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project

Imagined by four masters, a watchmaker and three engravers, the Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project is a gorgeous timepiece which features beautifully engraved dragon motifs inspired by the Kennin-ji Temple in Japan. This is a unique project totally worth talking about, especially since it had four masters involved in the design of a single watch.

The one-off Peter Speake-Marin timepiece has been commissioned by an experienced collector who is extremely passionate about high-quality artisan crafts with the Kennin-ji Temple, the inspiration behind this special watch, being a historic Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, founded in 1202.

Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project

This temple is considered to be the oldest Zen temple in Japan, and its founder Eisai is credited with introducing the Zen philosophy to Japan. The Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project impresses with engraved twin dragons, spilling out from the dial to the case and onto the surrounding presentation box.

The attention to detail on this piece is unparalleled, and words just don’t seen enough to describe it. So you’ll have to take a closer look at this timepiece in the gallery below and tell us how much you like it.

Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project


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