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The Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet Will Keep Your Coins in Check

Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet

Founded by Benjamin Hubert, Layer is an industrial design agency from London that’s pretty well known for creating award-winning products, with market leading experiences and UX/UI like no other company. Their latest project takes on the digital currency revolution and it’s basically a secure tool to store and manage your virtual funds.

Dubbed as the Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet, this little thing is an “unhackable” wearable device created in collaboration with fintech startup Trove. The system stores cryptocurrency offline on the hardware and, with the help of the ECG signature, users will remain calm as their funds remains safe.

Upon unlocking, this device communicates via Bluetooth with the user’s smartphone and allows funds to be accessed. Of course, since your smartphone will be involved as well, there’s a dedicated app that allows users to track their currencies.

Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet

According to recent research, about 35 percent of all bitcoins have been lost due to irrecoverable passwords. That’s not cool at all, especially when you think about the current price of bitcoins, which is where the Trove wallet comes in. The dedicated app will make sure you won’t forget your password any time soon, and allows you to manage your crypto currencies in a very simple and efficient way.

Trove comprises an interchangeable, fashion-inspired wearable device, and comes with a USB-C capable inductive charger that allows users to never run out of ‘juice’. Let’s go shopping!

Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet


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