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The Top 10 Most Luxurious First Class Airline Cabins

By Vlad C

The oldest and greatest dream of mankind, flight, is something ubiquitous these days that almost anyone can do it. At least as a passenger of a commercial airline. While flight has become available to almost any human being, that doesn’t mean it’s something extremely pleasant for all.

For most people, flying usually means being crowded on their seats in something a little bit more comfortable than a bus. Well, an airplane is indeed like a bus, but one with wings. And while average flights can be ok, a long flight can become troublesome for most people.

But for those for whom money are not a problem, a long flight can become something a little bit more luxurious than a good hotel room. Some carriers offer extra leg room, private seats and fine food, but others take everything to the extreme – the very pleasant and opulent one – and offer their first class passengers a lot more than your usual amenities, including proper sized beds, vintage champagne and comfy showers.

Let’s find out which are The Top 10 Most Luxurious First Class Airline Cabins:

10. British Airways

British Airways

On their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, British Airways honors their first class clients with cabins that most of us can only dream about. The new first class seats now come in leather, with wonderful chrome finishes, plus personal lockers, a wardrobe complete with mirror, you know, just in case you need to get to a meeting right after landing and you have to make sure your look isn’t affected by the flight.

To all that you can add a high tech 23 inch display for all things entertainment, the usual afternoon tea, some fine meals with dishes including smoked salmon, lettuce sandwiches and home-made bread. And at least $5000 for a one way ticket.

9. Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways

Let’s start with the beginning. Pre-flight massage. Don’t believe us? Book a first class flight with Qantas Airways from one of their flagship airports and let yourself be surprised by the massage offered at the Aurora Day Spa right before the flight. You know, to ease the stress of a… long, comfortable and deluxe flight.

And then accommodate yourself into one of their jumbo-pods with luxury amenities and services at your disposal. Expect a 17 inch television set, a pullout bed with sheepskin mattress plus all the pillows and blankets you might need and some delicious and diverse dishes should you get hungry. And let’s not forget about those vintage bottles of Champagne. And about the price, which doesn’t go below $15,000.

8. Lufthansa


Lufthansa wanted to keep the pace with the best airlines and redesigned their first class compartments in a soothing new brown-gray color, with noise-cancelling insulation in the floor, humidifiers and climate control and a carefully designed bed with temperature control for your pillow.

The central bar in the cabin offers free wines and craft chocolate, while their chefs from Munich’s Restaurant Dallmayr will delight your senses with special dishes served after large portions of caviar offered as an appetizer.

7. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic got as well into the race to create some of the most comfortable, luxurious and delighting first class suites.

Their quasi-private leather seats can turn into comfortable enough beds at the touch of a button, with cotton bed linen and pajamas for a comfortable sleep at 36,000 feet. And to keep up with the general trend, they’ve got as well a private bar for those who’d like to taste a fine drink before going to bed.

6. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offer no less than its competition when it comes to pampering their first class clients and assuring they forget they’re in an airplane cruising close to the speed of sound at 36,000 feet.

Their seats stretch out to become flat beds, which are completed by luxury bedding designed by the famous Italian luxury textile brand, Frette. They are also served delicious onboard meals and have exclusive access to Qatar Airways’ sky lounge for some snacks and drinks.

5. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways are a Hong-Kong based airline that’s well known for their high quality services onboard their flights, the amazing cleanliness and their very comfortable seats.

When it comes to first class, Cathay offers its clients overhauled private pods with luxury seats and bedding and some topnotch conveniences, including amazing entertainment options. And let’s not forget about their delicious cuisine which includes Krug champagne and caviar just as a ‘welcome aboard’ message.

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

The private suites on some select aircraft from the Singapore Airlines’ fleet are something of a dream for the average individual. The heaven-like suites are designed with nothing more than comfort in mind, boasting diamond-padded leather armchairs, large private bed, a sliding door and warm gentle spotlights that ease the entire atmosphere.

Their cuisine features an amazing collection of dishes from famous Michelin-starred chefs, which you can even select before the flight, so you can have your favorite meal during the trip.

3. Air France

Air France

Titled La Première, AirFrance’s new private suite cabin built for the first class fliers is sophisticated, modern and cozy. Suede and leather swathes its interior, modern accessories adorn it, the combination of gray and beige gives a soothing atmosphere and the wide bed and plush mattress mellows out its occupants during flight.

Besides the 24 inch feature rich TV screen and complimentary Wi-Fi, the menu includes a good choice of meals and wines, offering an unforgettable dining experience, created and selected by some of the most well known French chefs, like Joël Robuchon or Michelin-star Daniel Boulud.

2. Emirates


Flying in first class with Emirates is like having your own five star hotel room up there above oceans and continents. Their private suite speaks of opulence, with accessories clad in gold, a leather seat that turns into a comfy bed, a personal pop-up minibar, the most expensive in flight food menu and a large shower with spa included. What else could you wish while flying around in their A380’s?

Well, add an onboard lounge, a selection of fine liquor, Champagne, wine and beer, options for every possible diet in their food menu, Bvlgari toiletries in the shower and even your own private butler. Should all that be enough?

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, takes the luxury flight experience and leads it to the extreme. As a first class client, you have the option to book ‘The Residence’. Yes, it’s like your own luxurious apartment. At 36,000 feet above the ground.

One such residence is comprised by a living room, boasting a soft cozy leather sofa, two dining tables and a 32 inch flat TV screen. Then there’s the bedroom, connected with the living room via a short hallway, featuring a double bed with Italian bedding.

They’ve got as well a Lobby, available to all the first class clients, which offers all kinds of fine drinks and gourmet dishes. But the most impressive of all is, again, the private shower with luxury toiletries. All this makes sense… if you’ve got the money for it.


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