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The Superb Tainaron Blue Retreat Will Haunt Your Dreams

By Victor Baker


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Nestled in an early 19th century stone tower that boasts serene views of the beautiful Taygetos mountains and the sea, the Tainaron Blue Retreat is the perfect place to watch a magical sunset over the sea or just relax witnessing the beauty of Southern Greece.

In this idyllic location, in Vathia, Greece, the hotel will offer you the quaint experience of staying in a tower that comes from the past, and reminds us of the defensive architecture of the area. Featuring traditional narrow stairs and wooden ladders, the Tainaron Blue Retreat comes with three vintage rooms, with fine linen, ecological toiletries and decorated with works of art.

Part of the imposing towers of Mani, which resisted the passage of time with their simple and austere beauty, the tower where this hotel is located has been completely redesigned by Kostas Zouvelos & Kassiani Theodorakakou back in 2014.

The conversion of the tower into a stunning hotel met considerable difficulties, due to relatively limited interior spaces and the challenge to maintain a balance between the old architecture and the much-needed modern amenities inside the rooms.

Organized along a vertical axis, which allows guests to move through narrow openings, wooden stairs or rocks protruding from the walls and arches, the living area provides for a unique experience. And the addition of a gorgeous pool resulted in an incredible design, which made this hotel the winner of the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2015.

So if you ever plan to spend a couple of days in the South of Greece, you should totally stay at this award-winning hotel, enjoying a glass of wine and some of the most breathtaking views of the sea and mountains.

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