The Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht Is One Sublime Hommage

The Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht is a ravishing concept meant to pay homage to the classic Type 57 supercar from Bugatti. Featuring similar design lines and ideas that turned the Type 57 into an iconic car in automotive history, the concept boasts a streamlined 1930s-inspired design mixed with modern aerodynamics.

The design aesthetic was focused on a low center of gravity, which gives this yacht concept a racing appearance and better maneuverability. To that end, the hull and its two side supports were all submerged, allowing this sleek and streamlined vessel to be perfectly balanced.

Furthermore, featuring a single, curved pane windshield which blends with the yacht’s body, this awesome Bugatti yacht concept offers a wide panoramic view ahead.

Reminding everyone it’s 2015, refined touches of classically added trim such as the chrome front hand rail can be  easily noticed upon the vessel’s body. Inside the hull, this stunning concept supports two passengers and comes with a small living space as well.

With its entire body constructed out of glass fiber, the Bugatti concept has been also reinforced by a carbon fiber composite which explains its light touch, strength and rigidity. Unfortunately right now, the Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht is still just a design study, but I’d sure love to see one of these jewels passing by me on the open seas one day.