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The Sunset Villa is Ibiza’s most stunning coastal villa

By Adrian Prisca


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Quintessentially Villas is inviting you to check out this superb villa in Ibiza, the Sunset Villa. It covers a small portion of the western coast of the island, providing breathtaking views of the s’Espartas and Bledas Islands. The name of the villa actually comes from the fact that you can view incredibly beautiful sunsets all year long, from all around the property.

Located just half an hour’s drive away from Ibiza Town and ten minutes from San José, styled in a pretty contemporary way, it includes 5 exquisite bedrooms, five bathrooms and lavish living areas decked in simplicity and modernism. The most impressive part of the property is the exterior, adorned with chill out day beds, exquisite hillside dining spots and an absolutely superb swimming pool – all these share incredible seaside views.

For the happy family that moves into this gorgeous residence there’s an 18-kilometer stretch of natural white sand beaches, with clear azure waters aside, that hosts a decent number of places to spend time. Besides outdoor and water sports, there’s also the possibility of fine dining, in typical Balearic and Mediterranean style.

The town of Ibiza is widely renowned for its superb nights in the company of fabled DJs that choose to come here from all over the world, making this gorgeous town a real capital of wellness, entertainment and good time. It won’t matter if you choose the discos or the much more quite cafés, the atmosphere is all year around above excellence.

The fact that the audio pleasure comes accompanied by amazing light shows provides an even more ripping feeling, which will set itself deeply in one’s heart – and extravagance, if you add the high number of celebrities that spend their time here, worthy to ask for autographs.

Overall, it’s not only about the extravagance, luxury and comfort of this already incredible estate, but also for its surroundings, which, in our opinion, set this property somewhere in the top 3 regions we would like to live in. Anyhow, it can be booked for monthly payments of £10,000.


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