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The Sublime Giardino Ascona Glances Over Lake Maggiore

By Victor Baker


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Giardino Ascona

Sitting right on the banks of beautiful Lake Maggiore, Giardino Ascona instantly hypnotizes any visitor willing to discover this incredibly gorgeous and serene location. Found outside a small lakeside village, this ivy-covered hotel welcomes guests to enjoy some quality time away from it all, in a picturesque setting that’s dominated by the Alps in the background.

If you love playing golf or if you’d like to take a boat around this stunning lake, don’t worry, these are all just a few steps away, and getting lost through the hotel’s incredible gardens, filled with modern art sculptures, lily pads, and lovely fountains, isn’t the worst thing that could happen either.

Giardino Ascona

If you’re the more active type, you could enjoy the outdoors and the natural beauty surrounding this magical place by asking the concierge for a bike, so you could cycle through the wonderful valleys around Locarno. You could also go for the 18-hole Golf Club Patriziale Ascona – one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, I might add.

Any and all days should end with a trip at the hotel’s beautifully designed spa and beauty center, where one might relax in a classical sauna that integrates light therapy. Or.. would you prefer an emerald steam bath? How about the herbal sauna with sauna oils? Either way, you’re in for a treat here.

Your dining experience at Giardino Ascona will also be truly unforgettable, as you enjoy some of the finest dishes you’ve ever tasted at Ecco Ascona, which has 2 Michelin stars for good reason, or at the covered terrace from Ristorante Aphrodite. Regardless of your choice, I promise you will not regret it.

Giardino Ascona

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