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The stylish OttantaTre by Pininfarina

By Brian Pho


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The OttantaTre is the latest, 2013 edition, of the BOVET Collection signed Pininfarina. Apart from being the Italian for 83, it does in fact celebrate the 83rd anniversary year of the Italian design house, it is also the fourth creation in the line and the third tourbillion in the collection.

This stunning timepiece encompasses the DIMIER 1738 movement (BOVET’s Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale) which highlights the characters of both brands while at the same time bringing forth state of the art specifications, following the requirements of Paolo Pininfarina and Pascal Raffy. In addition, this superb piece has its crown and bow positioned at 12 o’clock, alongside the Amadeo system. These come to prove it as a BOVET timepiece, while the black rubber strap, black cylindrical crown and flat bezels highlight the Pininfarina Collection appurtenance.

Reverting to the movement, it is a tourbillion with jumping hours and retrograde minutes with the hours displayed in the center of the timepiece. The jumping-hour numerals on the disc are literally seem to be cut out from the subdial. So, when the displayed hour numeral reaches its aperture, it places itself above a super-luminova dot which lights up the time. As for the minute and power reserve indicator hands, they share the same axis as the hour disc, each of them travelling across a segment of a circle where the respective indication is displayed rather originally. Through instant jump, the hour disc and the minute hand begin a new hour cycle for a full 24 time as day.

As for the second face of the OttantaTre tourbillion, it indicates the minutes and hours via two conventional hands. To everyone’s understanding, there are five different indications sharing the same axis and at the same time they’re spread across the two faces of the timepiece. Furthermore, the exquisite timepiece is available in white gold or red gold, as a limited edition of just, you’ve guessed it, 83 pieces.


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