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Big Green Egg XXL

By Brian Pho


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One of the most interesting appliances to have been unveiled at the 2013 HPB Expo in Orlando was the Big Green Egg XXL, a staggering fixture able to support cooking islands and special tables for the perfect outdoor cooking session.

In essence, the design was reportedly kept as green as possible, in spite of the fact that the manufacturers have made use of today’s most exquisite essences, high grade material and flawless craftsmanship.

The tables, manufactured from Eco-Wood, were superbly crafted by skilled artisans on rules established by the environment concerned authorities. Those who are fortunate enough to use them, are given the option to choose from Nicaraguan teak or Royal Mahogany. Due to their strong essences, these tables are even able to provide stability and support to even the heaviest of pots and vessels.

Grill-enthusiasts will be baffled by the special grill feature, which is able to provide temperatures of 400-degrees Celsius and above. To provide accurate control, the manufacturer has added two dampeners so that the meat slices emerge tender and moist, just like we love it. This stunning appliance is also able to bake stuff like pizza, bread, pies, cobbles and casseroles. There’s also a temperature controllable smoking adjuster which is able to bestow a smoky wood aroma to virtually any meal you cook.

Measuring 1.93 meters in width, the Big Green Egg XXL also boasts ample amounts of storage space like roller drawers and storage cabinets for wood or other stuff you’d use for cooking and grilling. There are also 5 different sizes of cookers available for purchase.


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