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Hermes Arceau Pocket Volutes

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Putting together exquisite gold manufacture and hand engraving, this stunning looking timepiece boasts a 48 mm white gold case and bears the signature of Hermes.

The Hermes Arceau Pocket Volutes boasts an impressive pattern on its lid that had reportedly required in excess of 150 hours to be created. In addition, the “volutes” nomination of the piece refers to the swirling pattern of the watch, inspired by one of Henri d’Origny’s 1972 designs. In case you’re wondering, the man is one of Hermès’ artists.

As for the intricate effect, it is created through separate white gold and rose gold discs, separately created at first, before being assembled and welded together by furnace-heating. Hermes further describes the process as ending in a varnish coating and immersing in ruthenium color bath. After the removal of the varnish, the gold parts are evident in three different tones – dark grey, rosy pink and light grey.

Powered by a manually-wound caliber, this timepiece boasts a 55-hour power reserve with polished and hand-bevelled bridges and mechanisms, gold oscillating weight and sprinkling of Hs. The watch is realized exclusively by Manufacture Vaucher. As for the dial, it is paved with translucent chocolate brown enamel upon a white gold base. In addition, the Hermes Arceau Pocket Volutes features a cord-strap and pouch in matte Havana alligator leather.


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