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Exquisite Guerlain Spa at the Caledonian

By Brian Pho


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I believe these shots would make everyone’s mouth start drooling. They were taken at the first dedicated Guerlain Spa in UK, at the Caledonian, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel, in the Scottish heart of Edinburgh.

The staggeringly luxurious spa was designed by Jennie Lomax of Fox Linton Associates and reportedly draws inspiration from the glamour and opulence of the 1930s. It boasts an interestingly classical interior with an ambience that can both express indulgence and coziness.

The first steps one takes inside this spa are through the reception area, which, mind you, almost feels and looks like a luxury boutique. It, in fact, reflects the entire atmosphere throughout the Guerlain Spa.

Heading deeper into this magnificent place we can’t help notice the stalwart chandeliers which seem to be shaped like hand-manufactured porcelain orchids, alongside the stunningly playful bronze bees that garnish the display elements throughout. In addition, the designers and builders have also bestowed the basic clean fresh palette with rich amber tones inspired from the spa’s own Guerlain perfumery, alongside super touches of sparkle and impressively welcoming warmth.

The Guerlain Spa at the Caledonian comprises three state of the art treatment rooms where a team of highly trained “beauty coaches” do their daily flawless job. The place concocts all sorts of relaxing cultures and recipes from all over the Globe, bringing you closer to physical and mental tranquility.

The venture here starts with a systematic analysis and precise skin diagnosis, with each of the treatments being individual and making use of signature Guerlain touches. You are then encouraged to bless your feet with a relaxing, fragrant foot bath which symbolises the red carpet on which stars walk before being gifted with the prize, congruently opening up your choice of treatment experience. Just get to this exclusive Scottish hotel, at the superb Guerlain Spa and seek spiritual purity out.


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