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The staggering Mazzanti Evantra

By Brian Pho


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The brand new Mazzanti Evantra supercar was recently unveiled on the occasion of the Top Marques Monaco. This car is fierce, monstrously fast and a damn lot gorgeous to look at, worthy of a checkup.

The Italian brand Mazzanti Automobili may not be that fabled, but it boasts with quite some expertise in car making. They will reportedly limit the production of this gorgeous looking 4-wheeler to just 5 units a year, which makes it more exclusive than a Veyron or any Ferrari out there. It measures 4,325 mm in length, 1,225 mm in height and 1,955 mm in width, tipping the scale at around 1,300 kg. The wheelbase is quite large compared to the car’s total length, measuring 2,550 mm.

Performance-wise, the Evantra got garnished with a 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine generating a devastating 701 HP at 6,600 RPM and a peak torque of 848 Nm at 4,500 RPM. Thanks to that dinosaur, the Mazzanti Evantra is able to sprint from naught to 62 mph (100 km/h) in a dazzlingly fast 3.2 seconds and won’t stop until a top speed higher than 350 km/h. The engine of the Evantra can be mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.


We’ve also gathered up a series of parts mounted on this car – dry sump lubrication system, titanium connecting rods, steel chassis with a chrome-molybdenum rollcage, a PRO-BODY crafted from carbon fiber composite materials or a second type of body, called the ONE-BODY, fully crafted from aluminium and entirely personalizable by the customer. The body was secretly developed in collaboration with Ysim, brand renowned for having put their hands in the Le Mans races and Formula 1.

The cabin of the Evantra though is extremely luxurious and delightful – the Italian brand has chosen natural upholstery as finishing touch, alongside a BOSCH Headunit (NAVI / CD / MP3) and a data acquisition system developed by AIM. Furthermore, the starter button of the Evantra is superbly decked in the Tricolore theme and has been mounted on the roof. The car comes with two settings, the Corsa (Race) and the Strada (Street), while the steering wheel sports a small display showing the gear currently connected to the engine.

The list of standard equipment also comprises a set of 20-inch OZ alloy wheels wrapped in Continental tires and a state of the art braking system made by Brembo with 380 mm discs and 6-piston calipers at the front and 360 mm discs with 4-piston calipers at the rear. A set of carbon ceramic brakes can be as well fitted on the Evantra by Mazzanti, on request.

The price of this staggering piece hasn’t yet been disclosed, but will probably go with 6 figures. And it’s quite precious, as it bears the name of the Goddess of immortality in the Etruscan culture.


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