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$380 million residence listed in London

By Brian Pho


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One of London’s most extravagant homes has been recently listed for the grabs at a mind-boggling £250 million.

Of course, that number gets even bigger if you convert it into American dollars, reaching around $380 million, but there’s plenty of facts to back it up. The manor covers approximately 50,000 square feet in surface, as Business Insider describes, with yet too few photos and details to mention. According to the publication, the current owner of this home is a an extremely elusive member of the Saudi royal family.

Furthermore, if this mansion finally gets sold at this asking price, it will be the most expensive property ever to be sold throughout the United Kingdom. The interior detailing, according to The Daily Mail, is a bit sketchy, but the home is believed to be boasting with a huge ballroom and a staircase to match its size.

Rumored to having been completed back in 1830, the mansion is located at 18 Carlton House Terrace, currently on sale on secret ‘grey market’. It is pretty close to Trafalgar Square, the Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly Circus. It is even described in a strictly confidential brochure as “probably the finest residence in London”. In addition, it is registered in the British Virgin Islands, while property expert Henry Pryor sais “I think it will almost certainly be bought by a foreign buyer.”

If you want more numbers, here’s an interesting fact – it is 1,537 times more expensive than the average house sold in April in the UK, worth £162,606. At such an asking price, the stamp duty the future buyer will have to pay rises to a whopping £17.5 million. Can’t wait for an outcome to this!


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