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The SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 Watch Has A Cool Vibe About It

By Victor Baker


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SevenFriday V-Series V3/01

SevenFriday is one of the fastest-growing indie watch brands out there and when they introduced the V-Series, everyone got really excited about it. This watch series features a creative hour indicator, a quick-release strap system, and a strange day/night indicator that’s a bit different different from the brand’s P-Series aesthetics.

The SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 is a member of the “Industrial Engines” line, which means that the watch has been inspired by engines, trains, planes and automobiles. It shows off a ribbed leather strap, reminiscent of a driver’s seat, carbon effects that link to modern dashboards, while the font and pad-printed integers of the dial reference a speedometer.

SevenFriday V-Series V3/01

You’ve probably noticed the brushed steel areas already, which should remind you of pedals and gear paddles. This watch, as with all SevenFriday V-Series watches, features an NFC chip on the case back which allows it to be authenticated with the SevenFriday mobile application and enable a number of useful after-sales services.

The case is 49.7 mm wide on the wrist and 11.3 mm tall, while the movement is a Miyota 82S7, with all of the interest focused on the dial layout, while the multi-level dial is displayed behind a domed, anti-reflective mineral glass. The price-tag of the SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 stands at CHF 1,135, with the watch being delivered in a cool wooden crate.

SevenFriday V-Series V3/01


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