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The Samurai Concept Is Carbon Fiber Perfection

The Samurai Concept

Samurai is a new futuristic motorcycle concept meant to shock and awe every single one of us, a two wheel carbon fiber marvel imagined by the brilliant designers from Great Japan. Bearing a powerful name from the history of the Land of The Rising Sun, this unique motorcycle aims to inspire us and also reveal a possible direction of two-wheel transportation in the years to come.

Ukranian and Belarusian designers Vladimir Panchenko and Artem Smirnov have worked a lot on this project, with this highly detailed design study looking almost like the real deal. The Japanese approach to design has always been original, and unfortunately it’s rarely used in today’s designs from Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturers.

The Samurai Concept

But the impact on European brands cannot be ignored, and the Samurai carbon fiber motorcycle concept is way too radical to do so. This design exercise will almost certainly never make it to reality, but its dramatic and mesmerizing lines will surely inspire some custom bike builders who dream about the next best thing.

We just can’t help but daydream about the powerplant that could be possibly hiding beneath this sleek exterior. Any suggestions? We’re sure the Samurai could be a real monster on the streets.

The Samurai Concept


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