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The Sensational Lexus Sport Yacht Sails Through Our Dreams

By Victor Baker


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Lexus Sport Yacht

Toyota’s luxury car division has decided to surprise and impress each and every single one of us by unveiling a mesmerizing concept yacht that’s ready to tackle the waves with style and speed. Simply called the Lexus Sport Yacht, this stunning vessel is just another proof that Toyota’s designers are capable of imagining almost anything.

The brand’s first ever super fast powerboat design, this 885-horsepower vessel will reach an impressive top speed of 43 kn and shock anyone who dares to take a look in its direction.  The striking concept actually introduces a new design idea – a day-touring yacht concept that’s reminiscent of the automotive industry and its stylish offering.

Lexus Sport Yacht

The Lexus Sport Yacht concept also features CFRP, a special mix of carbon fiber that’s frequently used for race-cars, supercars, high performance military aircrafts and also for racing sail boats. There are no cabins to mention, so unfortunately you won’t be able to spend the night inside this Lexus vessel, although there is a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, as well as a shower.

A dining table and a comfortable sofa will make your sailing experience even more enjoyable, while the tasteful interiors show off leather, wood and glass details in an effort to seduce the 8 people on board. No further details are available just yet, but we’re sure the demand for this project will be pretty high.

Lexus Sport Yacht

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