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The River Ranch at Round Mountain, in Nevada, up for sale

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Located among breathtaking landscapes accompanied by the superbly flowing waters of Elk River, the River Ranch can be found at Round Mountain, Nevada. The river provides a majestic 2.5 miles of riverbanks, while the local lake, charged by a fresh water spring, alongside 2 additional small ponds, make this property extremely enticing.

Apart from the staggering natural setting, the main residence was crafted with obsessive attention to detail and the most exquisite of materials. It boasts with extremely tall ceilings, stalwart rock fireplaces, open floor plan and rather impressive warm wood touches. The exterior of the mansion was coated with Douglas Fir planking measuring 2.5 inches in thickness in such an exceptional manner that absolutely no fastener is visible.

Following the montage, the builders have corn-blasted and chinked the surfaces to highlight the warm hues, soft textures and straight grains which characterize this exceptionally tough and beautiful wood essence. Furthermore, to complete the elegant, rustic design of the construction, stone accents were applied as well as a gabled wood shake shingle roof.

In order to facilitate the cool on-going of the ranch, the property boasts with two small barns and three large barns, one of which housing the first class equestrian center which fits boat amateurs and professionals in horse riding. In addition, the magnificent property also includes three fully endowed smaller residences which accommodate income-producing rentals, guests and staff.

Considering the immense sizes of the mansion, the three additional houses and three tidy cabins for lounge and relaxation, the ranch is able to fit everyone from mixed groups to families and couples, all up to 17 persons in total. The price for all this? $23,900,000.


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