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Most expensive toothbrush comes from Reinast

By Adrian Prisca


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Most expensive toothbrush

Dental care and oral hygiene has evolved a lot in these past decades – from the most simple toothbrush designs to these brand new electronic brushes, all in a variety of different shapes and designs, but with the same function, cleaning your teeth. The toothbrush you’re about to see right now is even more special, standing out of the pack with a unique design and distinct materials.

The Reinast Toothbrush might actually be one of the most beautiful brushes you’ve ever sheen, with a unique design made from solid titanium. It’s made in Germany and it’s priced at a staggering €3,200 or about $4,375, which makes it probably the most expensive toothbrush in the world.

It merges exceptional functionality with an elegant design that will transcend time and passing trends. In case you’re worried about the brush heads, you should know that they are replaceable to ensure exceptional and lasting hygiene. Also, an antibacterial coating is applied on the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head to further strengthen its protection.

In the end, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in the Reinast Toothbrush because it’s a really exclusive and useful accessory featuring a timeless design that will impress everyone. It would be perfect as a gift as well.


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