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The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City, South Africa

By Adrian Prisca


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After a few incursions into the world of ocean resorts, let’s return a bit to the mainland. This time we take you to South Africa, for something that is extremely rarely seen on this huge ball we call Earth. Travel by plane, from wherever you are right now, towards Pretoria or Johannesburg, and then, after a one-and-a-half hour drive you will find the Palace of the Lost City, situated within the extremely fabled Sun City. The place is also just a few miles away from Pilanesberg National Park.

First of all, not only the name of the place sounds imposing, but its location is absolutely amazing. Surrounded by mountains and located on 25-hectares of botanical jungle, the hotel is simply a perfect spot for tourists to enjoy luxurious life, happiness and jungle adventures. Within the palace our eyes meet incredibly high pillars and extremely complicated dome frescoes.

In total, 16 suites and 315 rooms can ensure accommodation to a huge number of guests. As standard amenities in each of the rooms we name TVs and all sorts of entertainment devices and home & leisure. Thing is, this won’t be as important as the surroundings of the room.

Try The Valley of Waves – it’s easily one of the best water parks in the world, and one of the two within the hotel. Furthermore, two championship golf courses can keep enthusiast-guests busy for long periods of time. In addition, you can also take tours of Pilanesberg National Park, a place roamed with all sorts of African wildlife like lions, rhinos, elephants and a load of birds.

Still haven’t had enough? Try any of six lounges, bars and restaurants and you won’t regret the culinary experience they provide. Costs for a night here start at $565, extremely cheap compared to what this hotel puts at your disposal.


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