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The Nürburgring goes on sale

By Brian Pho


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One of the most important racetracks in the world and probably the most chosen test track by many automotive brands, the Nürburgring, has been recently listed for sale at $161 million.

The history of the Nürburgring starts back in 1920, when it was inaugurated, around the village of Nürburg in the Eifel Mountains. It was first built as a regular racing circuit than got promoted to grand prix level circuit, in 1982. It now features hotels, restaurants, a plethora of exhibits and amusement rides. Sadly though, it is now for sale, either as a single entity or broken into sections.

The rumor was officially confirmed on Monday, the 18th of March, by a state appointed liquidator, Jens Lieser. With an estimated worth of around €125 million (or $161 million) the German property has was visited by more than 50 interested buyers, but during the past few weeks, 5 to 10 had remained on the list. Important to mention – none of these is neither sheikh nor magnate, so the track will probably not be made private.

Commonly known as The Ring, it hasn’t yet fully risen the interest of any investor, so we hope it remains accessible to motorists and grass root level motor sport enthusiasts. Mike Frison is one of the track’s supporting fans, having launched a site dubbed “savingthering.org” and, at the same time, maintaining two causes on Facebook and Twitter. There was also a parade and protest held from Nürburg to Mainz, the “Yes to the Nürburgring” parade, which has met the participation of more than 500 people.


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